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Audio speech to text transcription services for individuals, companies and organisations.

We transcribe:

Disciplinary hearings and disputes
Lectures, seminars, conferences and speeches
Focus groups, in-depth and telephone interviews
Business, academic and commercial interviews
Broadcast, podcasts and other media materials
Police interviews
Court cases
Telephone calls

We produce highly accurate transcripts from normal cassette tapes and most digital audio formats: MP3, WAV, WMA, among others.

These services are provided in English, Portuguese, Spanish and other foreign languages. We provide monolingual and bilingual transcriptions.

Monolingual: Audio speech converted into text in the same language.

Eg.: audio in English, text in English

Bilingual or foreign language transcription : Audio speech in one language, translated into text in a different language.

Eg.: audio in Portuguese, text in English.

“We use Across Lingo for our translation needs. For us, Across Lingo represents timely delivery and a high quality service at a fair price. We’ll surely carry on relying on them for all our linguistic needs”
(Rodolfo Basilio – Vertice Services Ltd)