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Across Research

ACROSS Research Ltd was also founded by Iris M. Griffiths, who spent her formative working years with some of the largest market and political research companies in Brazil. Iris is based in the UK and has over 25 years of working experience in these territories and in Europe.
At Across Research, we work mainly with qualitative market research but we also have a wealth of experience in quantitative research, desk research, international fieldwork and language support.Our market research language support services are provided via Across Lingo.

Accurate research starts with knowing the market

With over 25 years of experience working in Brazil and Latin America, we have a deep understanding of the culture and psyche of the people and markets we work with. This gives us the confidence to say we provide research findings with an extra dimension. Accurate, thorough and insightful. Research Beyond the Expected.

We are the UK based specialist for market research services in Brazil, Mexico and throughout Latin America. Our network of native researchers ensures complete geographical coverage with a presence in every Brazilian state and most Spanish speaking, Latin American countries.

We also work the other way round: we help Latin American companies looking to commence or expand operations in the UK and Europe.

The work Across did for us on the Brazilian and Mexican markets was excellent. Not only did they secure interviews with a difficult audience but they provided strong cultural guidance on how to interpret much of what was said. Thanks for being such a great partner to work with!
(Andrew Vincent – Waves Research & Consulting )