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Conference interpreting (Simultaneous or Consecutive)

As a rule, simultaneous interpreters work in pairs, from a soundproof booth, where they take turns to interpret for 30-minute periods. The interpreter listens to the speaker through headsets in one language and delivers the speech to the listener in his/her native language, real time in a seamless fashion.

Ideal for: multinational meetings, conferences and seminars; European Works Council; media and product launches; focus groups, in-depth interviews, among others.

Consecutive interpreters work face-to-face

Basically, the interpreter sits with the delegates and listens to the speaker’s speech for 5 to 15 minutes, taking notes. When the speaker pauses, the interpreter renders the speech in the first person in the target language.

Ideal for: business meetings, smaller groups, courts and so on

Ad Hoc interpreting

The interpreter provides consecutive, simultaneous or whispered interpreting as needed. Interpreters may work with or without a partner; with or without equipment.

Ideal for: business meetings, plant and facility tours, exhibitions, court hearings, sightseeing tours, appointments etc.

Whispering Interpreting or ‘Chuchotage’

The interpreter whispers the speech to the recipient whilst sitting by his/her side.

Ideal for: those situations when only one person can’t understand the language spoken by the group.

Remote and telephone interpreting

The interpreter is located far away from the speaker or from the target listener. In some cases, the interpreter may be in a different location from both. The interpreting is carried out the phone or any electronic device.

Ideal for: market research live, online groups and interviews and any other situation where there is no time or way of accommodating a face to face interpreter

Court and Public Service Interpreting

The interpreter provides consecutive and simultaneous interpreting within public service settings: criminal and civil courts, police stations, probation services, social services, hospital, schools, local authorities and any other public service-related activity.

Ideal for: situations mentioned above

When doing business it is necessary to have a bit more than ‘just an idea’ of what others are saying in different languages. When talking to your foreign counterparts, you need to be confident that you are being understood.

“Hello Iris,
Again, thank you very much to you and everyone in your team. I think that it was a very hard day for you, very intensive. But it was great! Thank you for your professionalism, your efficiency and your kindness. I keep your address preciously for our next event! 😉 
Laurent Sempot
Events Manager – Communication Department

“Dear Iris,
I would like to say a big thank you for all your help in arranging interpreters for us.  All excellent and became members of the Company straight away.  They were a huge help and support and we thoroughly enjoyed having them on board and working with them.”
Catherine Buffrey
World Shakespeare Festival Liaison Officer
Royal Shakespeare Company