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Cross-Cultural Services


Individuals and businesses are developing relationships in different countries at a rate never seen before. More than ever, it is essential to understand and appreciate our differences.

Cultural differences go beyond tastes in food, clothes and music. They are related to the internal processes and strategies that people in each society use to make decisions in their daily lives.

We provide tailor-made training and workshops to help you gain an intercultural understanding of the differences that can become a barrier when you deal with people, companies and organisations from other cultures.

Our services include:

  • Country cultural briefing
  • Cultural briefing on social customs
  • Business etiquette
  • Cultural shock briefing
  • Cross-cultural communication workshop
  • Cross-cultural negotiation styles workshops

“Really fantastic and helpful. Iris did a wonderful job and gave us just the right amount of info, background, history, advice etc. well worth the time”
(Robert Jones – Standard Bank)