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Who We Can Help

We can help individuals, companies and organisations who need to communicate and be confident that their intention is understood in another language, another market, another culture.

We have worked with individual members of the public and organisations from different sectors which include the following (but not limited to): industrial, pharmaceutical, engineering, architecture, air defence, naval defence, country security services, civil and criminal courts, NGOs, embassies, consulates, financial and investment, commodities, oil & energy, alternative energy, creative, branding, advertising, market research, IT, Telecommunications, hotel and hospitality.

“Dear Iris and team. I really liked the result of your work and the fact I’ve received more than what I’ve asked for: the additional CV editing for use in Brazil. Your translation is very professional and exactly as I needed. I definitely recommend your services for people who, like me, need a professional translation for a formal document. I am very happy with the results. Thank you very much”.
(Mariana Dante)