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About Us

The Company

At Across Lingo we understand that the language of a group reflects its culture and social characteristics. Translating and interpreting is all about dealing with cultural and communication differences, capturing the essence of the original content, not only by being true to the words, but also by respecting the cultural context of what has been said and written.

As communication in a foreign language is at the core of our business, Across Lingo team can assist you in sending a clear and accurate message to markets and organisations overseas, making your experience an enjoyable and positive one.

Our friendly team will become your ad hoc partner for language and cross-cultural matters and will guarantee the clarity, precision and quality of your communication.


The Founder

Iris M. Griffiths is a qualified and experienced translator, interpreter, cross-cultural communication specialist and also a qualitative market research analyst. Iris has been working in the combined fields of language, market research, intercultural issues and cross-cultural communication for over 23 years.

Over the years, Iris has created a network of selected skilful translators, interpreters, cross-cultural communication and language specialists to help individuals and corporations in a wide range of sectors.

The Network

Across Lingo consists of an international team supported by a network of highly skilled translators, interpreters and cross-cultural trainers who have extensive knowledge of the language and the culture of the countries in which they specialise.

All members of our network are result orientated and aim to provide the highest quality of service based on the Across Lingo business model objective: to provide clients with an unbeatable combination of:

  • Local knowledge
  • Experience in different industries
  • Dedicated professionals, committed to providing quality
  • Competitive costs
  • Bespoke and personalised service across different markets, industries and languages

A snapshot of some of the great professionals in our network.